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Endocrine-Related Cancer

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Risk of cancer mortality lowered by taking vitamin D daily

German researchers have suggested that the risk of death by cancer may be lowered by 12% with the daily intake of vitamin D. The study, published in Ageing Research Reviews, concludes that vitamin D produces a hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, which is believed to inhibit tumour growth.

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Link between obesity and risk of colorectal cancer

According to a study published in Jama Network Open, the risk of developing colorectal cancer in people who have has obesity between 8-10 years before diagnosis is twice as high as people who do of a normal weight in the same time.

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Progesterone-only contraceptive linked to breast cancer risk

A study published in PLOS Medicine suggests that the risk of developing breast cancer is increased by taking oral contraceptive pills. The findings show that hormonal contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer, most notably among women aged 35-39 years, which see a risk of up to 2.2%.

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Preoperative chemotherapy for bowel cancer treatment reduces risk of disease returning

British scientists say that providing patients with early-stage bowel cancer chemotherapy before and after surgery can reduce the risk of the disease returning by 28%. The study assessed outcomes from a clinical trial, and is published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.


Time-restricted eating (TRE) may have cancer-fighting effects

During a recent study in the UK, researchers found a time-restricted eating (TRE) diet improved the physical and mental health of firefighters who work regular 24-hour shifts. According to further studies, TRE was found to reinforce the body’s natural daily cycle of rest which may also promote longevity and have cancer-fighting effects.

Medical News Today

Success for smart knife point-of-care diagnosis in patients with endometrial cancer

According to research published in Cancers, scientists have developed a ground breaking ‘smart’ surgical knife that has the ability to accurately detect womb cancer by the smoke produced when making contact with biopsies.


Modifiable risk factors identified for patients with chronic pancreatitis at risk of diabetes

Research into individual risk factors which could help clinicians prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in patients with chronic pancreatitis has been published into Diabetes Care, obesity and smoking are noted as modifiable factors.


Prepubertal patients with thyroid carcinoma more likely to present with advanced disease

Patients aged below 11 years old present with more advanced papillary thyroid carcinoma at time of diagnosis than adolescents, with a higher likelihood of developing tumours, according to an American study published in Thyroid.